About Us

There are many food items that are perishable in nature but to enhance their shelf life, they are preserved by natural process. Such frozen food products including Frozen Fruits and Frozen Vegetables are demanded by people across the world. They are used to have the taste of a favorite dish even in the off season.

It is you for whom we are running our company, meeting your requirements is highly important to us and several steps are regularly taken by us to ensure that. Everything that can help us in satisfying customers is done by us, such as delivering them goods on time, testing the products and offerings many payment making facilities. Further, the focus we pay on packaging is helping us in winning faith of customers. We make use of sealed attractive packaging material to pack all the offered items.

Pal frozen grows their own vegetables by contract farming to maintain the quality and essence of the product. It helps them to have products available as per their requirement with assured eminence. They get in a pre-agreed price for the raw material from the farmers with buy back guarantee to the farmers. The production unit of the company is located at Haldwani with automated machines and equipment used for cutting, peeling and shedding of the material. Every equipment is PLC is controlled and based on latest German technology.

We started the frozen food industry with frozen peas and today we have a product line with 14 frozen vegetables which include green peas, sweet corn, cauliflower, mix veg, beans, tomato, karela, spinach, carrot, broccoli, okra and onion. We will soon be adding two more items in our product line namely French fries and Soya Chaap.

pal  Frozen Foods incepted in 2013 with a vision to provide complete range of vegan frozen products to the community. The company focuses on every aspect of the process and caters to uplift every person involved in the process. Pal frozen has its distribution network across India and the product is readily available to the consumer across major cities and towns of the country.

Benefits of contract farming


To the company:

a.       We receive best quality goods as each step of farming is controlled by our experts.

b.       We decide the variety of crops, the usage of pesticides and assist the farmers with best crop cultivation technologies for best quality products.

c.       Timely procurement of the materials.

d.       Receive materials from trusted and registered farmers.

e.       Production maintained in proportion to the requirement.


To the farmer:

a.       They don’t have to worry about the prices and payments.

b.       They have work round the year.

c.       They get to know new technologies in farming.

d.       They get a status symbol of being associated with a big brand.

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